message from the president

When we take on a new challenge, sometimes we devote all of our attention to it. I take this positively for I believe we can improve performances by making big efforts and finding fulfillment in it. This shows that we are enjoying life.

Japan's current issues lie on the fact that since its past growth trend stopped, new and adequate growth strategies have not been planned and executed enough yet.

At Techmark Japan, I pledge that every single employee will make steady daily efforts to become a more competent business person, and as a whole or as a company, will continue with research developments and make constant efforts to make improvements. Furthermore, we will continue to contribute to the growth of our clients by providing the best extended warranty programs and consulting services.

The kind of growth we aim for is not a short-term growth, but rather a long-term, high quality growth which is reliable and consistent with no dramatic ups and downs.

The "best" extended warranty program is a program that could be operated steadily for a long period of time and is flexible to the customer's needs. It greatly differs depending on the industry, product, client's business model, and business flows. We make a difference in our clients' strategic results.

We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage.

Yasuhiro Shojack
Representative Director and President


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