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Corporate Name

Techmark Japan KK

Office Address

ARCA East 18F, 2-1 Kinshi 3-Chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0013
Phone Number:03-5619-2200

Osaka Sales Office

Pacific Marks Esaka 7F, 9-1 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-city, Osaka 564-0051

Year of Establishment


President and
Representative Director

Kei Ikenishi

Stock Holder

AIG Japan Holdings KK(100%)

Capital Fund

JPY 490 Million

Core Businesses

Extended Warranty consulting services, program development and administration.
Techmark Japan works on revitalizing/developing extended warranty programs in accordance with the client's marketing strategies and needs. We work on cost-control of repairs and operations.

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company history

May. 1993

Established Techmark Services Limited (UK).

August, 1994

Established Techmark Services Limited Japan branch, began operations.

August, 1994

Partnered with several nonlife insurance companies.

April. 1995

Developed program and started operations for electrical appliances and telecommunications equipments.

November, 1995

Developed and started operations for an extended warranty service for automobiles.

October, 1996

Developed and started operations for an extended warranty service for credit card issuers.

Febuary, 1996

Started TPA operations for a nonlife insurance company.

May, 1999

Developed and started operations of program for gas appliances.

Feburay, 2000

"Privacy Mark"was accredited (for Techmark Services Limited).

June, 2008

Established and started operations of Techmark Japan KK.

October, 2008

Developed and started operations of "Living Warranty"

November, 2009

(Multi Appliances extended warranty program for house equipments of rental housings).
"Privacy Mark"was accredited (for Techmark Japan KK).

February, 2010

Established Osaka Sales Office.

February, 2012

"Privacy Mark" was renewed (for Techmark Japan KK).

August, 2012

Developed and started operations of game devices

October, 2012

Developed and started operations of tablets and eReaders

February, 2014

"Privacy Mark" was renewed (for Techmark Japan KK).

July, 2016

Relocated Osaka Sales Office.

November, 2016

Relocated Head Office.

December, 2016

Started joint marketing with a consumer credit company.

September, 2017

Developed and started operations for lease cars.

November, 2017

Developed and started operations for electric pianos.

December, 2017

"Privacy Mark" was renewed.

January, 2018

Developed and started a program of household equipment with a trading company.


In order to run an extended warranty program that provides "peace of mind" to end-users, it is important to choose a reliable extended warranty company.

pioneer in japan

Techmark Japan was founded in 1994 and has since then provided all contract holders with warranty services until the end of the program's term. Utilizing our industry expertise in the Japanese market with Chartis' experience abroad, we have worked to create programs that increase the value of our clients' brand and products. Our clients include both domestic and internationally recognized brands and their renowned product lines; some of whom we have partnered with for over a decade.

safe business model

Techmark Japan takes full obligation of extended warranty programs (including repairs of broken products) by hedging all repair costs to our partner insurance companies. The obliation for extended warranty repair costs/liability are all insured by our partner insurance companies. All of the insurance companies we partner with are highly credible domestic/international insurance companies that we have developed good relations with over the past years. For this reason, customers of our clients that have applied to Techmark Japan's extended warranty program can receive free repairs for a long period of time with "peace of mind."

stable management

Techmark Japan KK has maintained the black since its establishment in 2008. In addition we need not take provision for claims fees and we do not have borrowings.

namber of contracts and number of claims

namber of contracts and number of claims graph

The term "Number of Contracts" means 'the number of products registered' and the term "Number of Claims" means 'the number of warrantied products that were repaired by the repair company that Techmark Japan outsourced repair services to.' Utilizing this detailed and accumulated database, Techmark Japan calculates a consistent and reasonable warranty fee needed to run a long-term extended warranty program.